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Vickers Pump

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Vickers Pump Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
Vickers DG4V-3S-OBL-M-FPA5WL-D5-60 Solenoid Operated Directional Valve Bearings 0.0 N/A 2.541
Vickers DG4V-3S-2C-M-U-H5-60 Solenoid Operated Directional Valve 0.1900 in Alloy Steel 0.5625 in 52100 Bearing Steel Heat Treated Chrome Plated
Vickers DG4V-3S-0B-206-M-U-HL5-60-EN116 Solenoid Operated Directional Valve 1.5000 in Contact with Slinger 3.1094 in 5-33/64 in
Vickers DG4V-3-8C-M-C-C6-60 Solenoid Operated Directional Valve 3/4 in Maximum of +250 °F 7/8 in 50000
Vickers DG4V-3-63-M-U-H-T-60 Solenoid Operated Directional Valve 2.9375 in Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed) 13.0000 in Nylon
Vickers DG4V-3-2N-H-M-86-UL-A6-60 Solenoid Operated Directional Valve Bearings 0.0 N/A 0
Vickers DG4V-3-2A-VM-U-C6-60 Solenoid Operated Directional Valve 5-1/2 in 808 kN 10-3/4 in 45.4 kN
Vickers DG4V-3-22B-M-U-H7-60 Solenoid Operated Directional Valve 2.5000 in 2.9000 in 10.2500 in Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed)
Vickers PVB15-RS-41-C11 PVB Series Axial Piston Pumps XLJ9.1/2 241.3x323.85x41.275 241,3 323,85
Vickers PVH098R01AJ30A250000001001AB010A PVH Series Variable Piston Pump Two-Bolt Base Black Oxide 25 mm 1.3750 in
Vickers PVH141R13AF30B252000001001AB010A PVH Series Variable Piston Pump 3.1875 in 3.7500 in 12.3000 in Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed)
Vickers PVQ20-B2R-SSES-21-CM7-12 PVQ Series Piston Pump Flange Block Bearings 0.0 N/A 4.994

Vickers Pump : A Complete Guide to Buying

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  • 7、Vickers hydraulic pumps, both Vane and Piston Pumps, Available for Immediate delivery, we guarantee quick offers and technical assistance.
  • 8、Order Eaton Vickers Vane Pump, 4 gpm @ 1200 rpm and 100 psi, 382082-4 at Great prices & free shipping on orders over $50 when you sign in or sign ...Port Location: 90 Degrees CW From InletMax. RPM: 1,800 RPMMax. Pressure: 2,500 psiShaft Rotation: Right
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